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On vous a parlé de Western Tink déjà et on vous a dit qu’il allait sortir un mixtape. J’ai eu la chance d’échanger quelques télégrammes remplis de boucane avec Tink pour parler un peu de ce qui s’en vient pour lui dans les temps à venir ainsi que pour en savoir plus sur ce personnage. Ma poursuite sur son grind a commencé l’an passé car j’avais téléchargé des mixtapes instrumentales de Beautiful Lou, ce stoner et sa coiffure qui est responsable pour l’instrumental très screwed d’Asap Rocky, Trilla pour le nommé. Depuis le temps, Tink a drop Hater Fader, un album que j’ai vraiment apprécié et qui est aussi disponible en chopped and screwed par DJ Kirby, un de ces djs C&S qui a un catalogue d’albums et mixtapes très basés. Facile de voir la connexion entre le clan Mobbin No Sobbin et les gars de Green Ova Undergrounds, affiliation qui surment a fait grandir mon hype plus rapidement envers Tink et Lou. Cette semaine il a fait surface avec Chillin’ like a Civilian, un petit mixtape avant la sortie prochain de son projet avec Lou.

Le temps d’un blunt, comme toujours, on en est venu à parler de ce qui suit dans sa version originale et 420.

TK: Tink, shouts outs for your last projects, all those videos and content you’ve been putting out this last year was really dope and we had to say that 10kilos got a lot of love for our based internet hustlers out there. Can you tell where you from and what is your grind on the daily ?

WT: Im WESTERN TINK of MOBBIN NO SOBBIN and I’m up outta AUSTIN , TEXAS aka the capital of the trill. My day to day life is pretty simple, I wake up thank god for waking me, check my twitter, go to the park and get zombied out, write a song or try to. Ah… prolly go to Bob and Mikes get some breakfast burritos(egg and potatoes) because I don’t eat beef or pork and I don’t like cheese unless it’s on pizza(weirdo) … Hit the homie up get zombied out, listen to some music…get pre-occupied for a couple hours…hit the homegirl up , get zombied out…get back on the net and fall asleep just to wake back up and do it again man…

TK: That’s the word, shouts out to all my boys gettin’ zombied out! What’s Mobbin no Sobbin for those who don’t know your hustle and what are some of the characters that reps it?

WT: Mobbin No Sobbin is like a mindstate… It means keep moving with force in life through the bullshit and don’t cry about it…basically. Like “fuck it , cant fade me”. It consist of me , BEAUTIFUL LOU, GLAZEEED, etc… There are others but like I always say “You know how that be!?!”… Like we just want to do us on the real, we want to do real music with real lyrics talkin’ bout real shit really doe. No high power fakery. I think we don’t look at us as really trying to get ON…We feel like we on, we just waitin for the trill to recognize trill. This is what we love to do above all so we just do it.

TK: Real shit, you guys are staying true to yourselves and that’s one big thing I truely admire as a listener. Your new album is about to drop, is there any concept you went in on this one?

WT: Sir yes sir… The album is all Beautiful Lou’s thowed ass production, he’s the co-founder of MOBBIN NO SOBBIN(Shouts out to Glazeeed)… The album is us, Mobbin No Sobbinm the features I don’t exactly sure yet, we’ll see what’s up.

TK: I heard some The Weeknd sample on the tape, what do you think about this Toronto singer? Do you put in down like me and  put that shit when you lay a girl on her back ?

WT: I don’t listen to R&B often but when I do…I blap that WEEKND ahah… Yeah I fucks wit dude…That’s how I got that sample, I stayed listenin to that song…and one day I was hella zombied out…and I was like man it’d be dope if I could get this… The homie L’s looped it up fo me real swift like that and bow! Me I usually play Weeknd when I’m leaving to keep her attention off me as I raise up ahah…that’s just me doe?!

TK: Ahaha I got you manne, dude is gettin’ real big right now, that dark ass mdma R&B been doin’ shaking the funk right now. What can we expect from you and Mobbin No Sobbin in 2012 ?

WT: In 2012 lord willing, you can expect more WESTERN TINK & BEAUTIFUL LOU trynna make it do what it dont do… MOBBIN NO SOBBIN ALBUM sponsored by MISHKANYC produced by Beautiful lou.

TK: Any shouts out for your heads out there ?

WT: Sir yes sir… My family, the whole MOBBIN NO SOBBIN – BEAUTIFUL LOU / GLAZEEED etc, The no shame gang, Greenova, Shady Blaze, Mondre, Squadda B, etc L’s, Hems, My nig SMOKEFACE, Myles the Mogul, B-Monster, Dru Down, The Canavati bros, 1sol, Z.G., Areb, Nature boy click, Sortahuman, the homies at Mishkanyc, Ruler why, Piss po records, The coopsta, Murder Mel, G. Feezy, Bleezy, Lil mont, Bankhead da purpman, THE WHOLE TEXAS, Finess the great, THE WHOLE CALIFORNIA , ALL MY NYC HOMIES …UPTOWN, FUMLIFE…Mark , Raymond etc … Man all out people over seas france, spain, the whole world, gob bless everyone. If I missed you ..ma’bad.. Last but never least 10kilos for the love.

Voici donc le mixtape Chillin like a Civilian, que The Fader ont fait la première cette semaine.




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