Man, je veux être Gabbo.

9 Avril 2008 / par


Lu dans le Rant Line du Mirror de la semaine passée:

F First and foremost, Omnikrom rocks my fucking colour screen. I love them and anyone who’s hating on this marvelous Quebec product needs to move to Ontario so I can’t hear their squawking ass. And while I’ve got the mic in my hand, I just want to put out there some kind of energy about a crush that I’ve developed on one of the singers in Omnikrom, the guy with the curly hair and the blue eyes. So if he’s reading this or if anybody who parlay’s with the motherfucker is reading this, can you pass along the message that a hot sexy POLE DANCER, aka a stripper who dances at Gentleman’s Choice, would love to meet the guy and see his blue eyes. And please realize that I can do more than romance and dance his sweet ass in a wet dream. So for all the non-cock blockers out there, help a bitch get laid and pass along the message. Thank you.

Tap that!

2 Commentaires

  1. g33k says:

    Moi avec ostie je suis jaloux de Gabbo!!! lol

  2. News RSS says:

    juste pour te dire qu” c’est agréable de lireton blog :)


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