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5 Octobre 2011 / par
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Deuxième post sur 3 mettant en vedette les amis/associés de The Weeknd/Drake réunis sous la bannière OVOXO. Ou qui se proclame associés.

Le nom de l’artiste, c’est Khat. À ce point-ci, je n’ai aucune idée si c’est un gars, une fille, une secte de trolleurs ou des robots. À vrai dire, il paraîtrait qu’ils ne font même pas de la musique, et que tout ça n’est qu’on hoax. Dans tous les cas, ils ont suivis leur cours de «Musique du 21e siècle». Leur compte Youtube est plein de vidéos, souvent (toujourss?) piqués à d’autres artistes, mais qui collent parfaitement à l’atmosphère pesante, bassy, tripative de leur musique. En fait, certaines chansons sont piquées aussi.

La mixtape gratuite Voodoo Child est un must-have pour tous les observateurs de la scène PBRn’Bass de Toronto et tout le merveilleux mélange de pop/folk/dubstep/witch house qui inonde le web. Pis que ça soit vrai, faux, volé, remixé, emprunté, un hommage, je m’en fout un peu: c’est très divertissant pour le tympan.

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Via le très pertinent Sound Search.



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  1. небо noir says:

    Regardless of whether he is a member of XO or not, this guy’s a joke if that’s what he calls sampling:

    Voodoo Child = Zeds Ded – Rude Boy
    Raised by Wolves = Purity Ring – Lofticries
    Ring of Fire = Awolnation – Sail
    Ritalin = Gorillaz – All Alone
    Homeless = Digital Farm Animals – (I Wanna Go) Home
    The Flooding = Rennie Foster – Devil’s Water (Reprise) = Cat Power – Troubled Waters
    Fire Red = Gotye – Hearts A Mess (3am Mix)
    Magic Touch = DropxLife – LightxSome = Clint Mansell – Coney Island Dreaming
    Mumbles = DropxLife – KingsxCross
    Feather/Creep = Radiohead – Creep (DFA Remix)

    Anyone recognizes any other songs dude has used?

    The videos are stolen, too, obviously:
    Carpark North – Human
    Our Day Will Come/Notre Jour Viendra (Trailer)
    .. to name just two.

    Stop the hype. Don’t give this guy any credit. That’s just totally undeserved.

    • lkb says:

      I strongly disagree with your views on Khat.
      Unless you also discredit every mixtape, remix, fan video (and 50% of youtube), rework of previously released material, you shouldnt say a thing about his musical methodology.

      yes, he changed the named of some of the songs, but since he laid some original lyrics, in my mind, he has the «right» to do hit. But he chose obvious artist/tracks/videos, that makes it impossible for him to think it would go unnoticed (Radiohead, Gorillaz, Romain Gavras). And personnaly, he made me discover some amazing artists and tracks (Digital farm, Rennie Foster)

      This is a very interesting project of mixing original videos with original songs to create a new experience and context.

      I will personnaly make sure that all his other projects are displayed on this site.

      • небо noir says:

        You can’t compare what this guy is doing to mixtape (wanna-be) rappers. While the latter use well-known beats, this guy is clever enough (I give him that) to pick songs that are hardly known to his target audience.

        So far this guy has shown NO INTEREST AT ALL in setting it straight and making it clear to his audience that he DID NOT produce the songs.

        One would think that being given props like this: ‘sounds and visuals are amazing..’ (it’s obvious people assume Khat created those himself; just look at the feedback he’s getting on his social media channels) ..a sane person with a decent portion of decency would actually respond by telling the truth, making it clear that both the sounds and visuals are actually other artists’ copyrighted material..

        Instead, it seems as if all he does is google himself or look himself up on twitter to retweet every little piece of praise he gets for something he has BY FAR NOT put as much effort into as the original artists. This is just shameful. I don’t care whether he’s part of XO (I don’t think he is) or not, his attitude is very unprofessional misleading his audience in such a blatant manner.

        This guy’s pathetic.

        Btw, I also blame the blogosphere for jumping on the bandwagon way too quickly, publishing articles about this guy without having a closer look at what he’s doing. (However, I understand that in our times an in-depth recherché is worth less than being the first one to name-drop a “hot upcoming artist”.)
        People caring about music should know better.

        PS: If it weren’t for people like me (and other youtube commenters who have called him out and posted the original songs) who respect the original artists, I doubt Khat would have told you his sources.
        But hey, why don’t you try and ask him on twitter or facebook. Let’s see how long your comment lasts until it gets removed.

        • lkb says:

          I dont think he is from XO either.
          And, effectivement, I dont know how commited he is to giving out his sources. The fact that he is being outed as borrowing heavily from other artists is pretty clear to me. I’ve mentionned it first hand in my blog post, you said it in the comment section. It’s everywhere on youtube.The blog where I took my info also clearly revealed his borrowing.

          You might have a problem about the guy and his ways of managing his image. I don’t really care about anything else than the music. And I got to say he provides me with entertainment. Wether it’s him, the beats he collided together, the video montage he did, or the chaos he created.

          And as he is an artist or not:
          I’m just speculating here, but what if it was an art project destined to reveal the mishapes of today’s world ? An exploration on how easy it is to steal music from other ? We dont know anything of him/her/them. I know it’s not the best of excuse: but the fact that we are talking about his démarche, his ways, his meaning, is a good indication that what he does is worth doing. He creates controversy, emotions, and that’s pretty hard to do in our post-post-contemporaneity.

          As of your general comment on bloggers:
          internet is a beautiful thing because you can’t get away with a lot of things. Eventually, someone is gonna call you out, troll you, expose, or sometimes praise you. I talked about an artist, you felt like exposing that he was, in your opinion, borrowing to much, too often, without referencing enough his sources. That is totally fine by me. We are part of the same entity, just on different cycles. And that’s just how cool the internet is.

          I hope to see you again in the comment section !

          • небо noir says:

            Well, that blog where you got the info from only added the original songs after I posted my comment there. That guy running the blog even gave me a shout out. Dunno why he removed it but that’s irrelevant to me. It’s not about my name, it’s about the names of the original artists.

            I think, it’s not enough to say he uses samples. It’s necessary to point the people directly to which songs were used so they can go ahead and make up their minds.

            As to youtube.. well, it’s getting nasty in there. Khat has disabled comments on at least half of the videos and I’m not surprised he did that. Like I said earlier, he was seen deleting comments before. If he wanted to create controversy, why would he embrace censorship?

            Even if it were a social experiment on how easy it is to claim other people’s work in one’s own name, why would he hinder the public to discuss his motives? Or would this be part of the artistic experiment as well? Stealing and censorship goes well together. Maybe you’re right but I doubt that’s the case here.

            You say you don’t care for anything but the music. Well, shouldn’t you present the original artists to your readers rather than this “project”?
            Most of the artists he stole from are pretty much unknown and I’m sure they’d be very happy if the buzz and attention Khat is getting now would be directed their ways. Zeds Dead for example is a dubstep duo from Toronto (like the Weeknd and Khat allegedly, too). They deserve recognition for their work, too. Not someone who puts his name on their songs.
            Btw, props for featuring DropxLife on this blog.

            Khat acts in a very ignorant way. Seeing him talk about ‘Sense of ownership for his work’ is an absurdity, to me.

            Here’s more absudity: some kid made a clip mashing up a kitty with one of “Khat’s songs” and Khat tweeted about that. The funny thing is, at least this kid is citing the sources of which he thinks that they are accurate (unfortunately the kid’s unaware of the fact that Khat stole the song)..
            Maybe Khat will learn something from his fans? Doubt it, though.

            I stand by it, people do think he produced the songs. Since when has stealing become a tribute. Wouldn’t one give credits to the original artist especially if it is a tribute? I mean, a tribute is a sign of respect, right?

            I’m glad that Khat was called out on twitter by the guy who owns the rights to the Creep video. First Khat was stupid enough to retweet the convo. Later, of course, he deleted it.

            So far, you have been an exception as to blogging about Khat and entering a discussion and I thank you for that. Others have not published my comments or seem to ignore them.

            Btw, I apologize for posting in English on your blog. My French is really poor that’s why I stick to English (which is not my native language). So again, thank you for entering the debate and not deleting my comments.

  2. what makes it so brilliant is that he or fuckin’ she for that matter hasn’t revealed what the fuck it is they’re up to

    thats why we’re all talking about it

    apparently they’re doing something right ( only discredit is the appropriation without consent or recognition )


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