TLCHRGMNT + Entrevue: Pepper Boy – Nitetime LP (10KILOS.US EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE)

12 Décembre 2012 / par

Après une dizaine d’années de grind dans les rues de Little Rock, Pepperboy lance finalement un premier album. Pur jus #basé, on y retrouve une dose plus que suffisante de messages positifs et encourageants pour passer à travers le plus dur de l’existence. C’est un grand honneur d’en avoir l’exclusivité mondiale sur 10Kilos. En même temps, qui d’autres de mieux placé que le #based blog pour supporter le fils du mouvement ?

Après avoir eu l’album pendant quelques jours, les morceaux qui en ressortent le plus pour moi sont Real Spit, Joined a gang, Revolution, The streets (sur la musique de Downton Abbey!), l’extrêmement positive Deep (Céliiiiiiiiiine) et Soap on tha block, avec un très gros verse de Lakutis.

Streamez ci-bas, téléchargez chez

Artwork by Pierre Thyss

Recorded by Temolja Washington and  LP.

Mastered by Toby Barrow & Ryan Knowles (WitchMasterz Audio).

Executive Produced by Jerry Davie.


10K: How did you get the your name ?

PB: It’s all started when I was incarcerated. I was writing a book and Pepperboy was a character. In the south it’s a metaphor for «hot boy».


10K:Lots have been said about the “Bangin in little Rock” era of your city. Can you explain how Little Rock’s street like now ?

I remember it since day 1. It kicked up in 1989. I was probably around 13 year old. when a couple of guy from Compton, California came down and started gang stuff. It was crazy. We made HBO come to the hood: it was the bangin’ capital of the South. And I grew up right in the middle of it, man. It was hard. My first homeboy was gunned down.

10K: One particular thing that struck me in the documentary is the fact that their was black gangs, white gangs and mixed gangs. Beside red and blue, color didn’t seem to matter…

PB It just kind of happened like that. To me it all started with the movie Colors. Everyone saw it and it just turned the city in a very negative way.

 10K: Another thing that I noticed was that people were wearing a lot of different teams colors. The Bulls was pretty popular, obviously because of Michael Jordan, but I was wondering if it was some sort of gang meaning ?

PB: There was no meaning beside that we don’t have any team (laughs). Myself, I’m a big Boston Celtic fan. I was always a fan of Larry Bird, man.


10K: Your music obviously went through some change, from more gang affiliated projects like the Blood Brothers, to now. What was the turning point? 

PB: I think it’s just age, man. I got older. I have two sons. My oldest son is a teenager and he understands the words coming out of my mouth. I look down for my kids, and they look up to me now. I’m not in the trap no more, and I try to keep them out, you know.

10K: Yeah, you seemed to be hanging a lot more in the woods than in the hood… 

PB: Aaha! It’s something that has to do with that solitary, meditation shit that I’d be on, man. I like putting on my camo shit and just getting away for a one or two hour. Just me and my rifle. It’s just something to get away from the streets to clear my head.

10K: So are you a hunter ?

Nah, man I ain’t a hunter at all. I just do it for the peace of mind!

10K: You often reference military stuff in your music. We’re you involved with the army ?

PB: Nah man. But I’ve been at war on the streets. My stitches come from the streets. In 1996 I survived an home invasion. They threw me from a three storey building straight to the concrete. I was all broke up. I was in a full body cast. The same year I got ambushed and shot in the stomach. Both time I was in critical condition. I’m telling you, I got a story, man.

10K: So from there, how did you find Lil’B, the #based philosophy and the whole cloud rap scene ? How did you connect?

PB: It’s funny man, ‘cause I got a little wind of Lil’B’s music before all that, but I found out he shouted out me by googling myself. We’ve been speaking ever since. Every 2-3 weeks we talk.

At some point my manager got me a Friendzone [duo de la baie de San Francisco] beat tape. There was a beat called Follow me that I really liked, so I took it, and the response was very good. The Green Hova reached out, with Mondre,  Squadda B…  I actually got an EP coming in february with Squadda.

10K: So how do you hope Nitetime will be received? Where do you hope to see it going?

It’s big for me, man. This year has been very good. Pepperboy’s name have been growing and the music found people in a lot of places. Now I really want to get my positive message to the most people. God let me live for a reason, man. I’ve got a story. I feel blessed and Nitetime is a gift to the people.

10K: And one last thing : as anyone ever told you that you look a bit like Ronaldinho, soccer player?

Nah man, nah. First time I hear it. Is he any good?




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